Boarders in both barns enjoy full use of all Woodloch facilities, including our two indoor arenas, outdoor arenas, track, and riding trails. Visit our Facilities page to learn more about everything that Woodloch has to offer.

Woodloch welcomes a few regular farriers that stop by weekly and monthly to ensure that all horses on the property have regular hoof care. Prices vary by farrier.

Christina Kupper/Equine Kneads provides equine sports massage therapy and PEMF (pulsed-electromagnetic field) therapy to boarders’ horses on a regular schedule; contact Christina directly for pricing and availability.

Stillwater Vet provides all vet services at Woodloch, including routine health care, dentistry, vaccinations, and on-call emergencies.

Full Care Board

Woodloch offers quality full care board at affordable prices. Board includes use of a stall, hay and grain fed twice per day, daily stall cleaning, and daily turnout. Our home-grown hay is excellent quality. Stalls are bedded once per week on Fridays; additional bedding is provided by the staff as needed and charged to the owner at a discounted rate. Horse trailer parking is available to our boarders.

Pasture Board

Pasture board is a mixed herd of mares and geldings. We do a max of 11 horses. The pasture is supplemented with round bales of mixed-grass hay when needed. Includes a private tack locker and access to all riding arenas and trails.

2018 Monthly Board Rates

  • 10’x10’ stall with group turnout (Woodloch Barn): $385
  • 10’x12’ stall with group turnout (Woodloch Barn): $400
  • 12’x12’ stall with group turnout (Woodrunn Barn): $460
  • Semi-Private paddock turnout, add $25
  • Private paddock turnout, add $45
  • Pasture Board: $300
  • Daily blanket service (blanket on outside, off inside): $100/mo
  • Daily halter service (halter on outside, off inside): $60/mo
  • Daily blanket & halter service (on outside, off inside): $150/mo

Please contact us for availability.


Woodloch feeds Assurance Performance Blend by Assurance Feed. Formulated especially for athletic horses, Performance Blend is a balance of soybean oil and carbohydrate energy sources. Oil promotes more stamina and endurance, shiny hair, enhanced bloom and reduces the risk of starch overload and colic. Carbohydrates provide the quick energy needed to meet the demands of the equine athlete. The low protein level results in dryer stalls and less ammonia. Performance Blend LoCarb has a lower level of nonstructural carbohydrates (NSC) for horses sensitive to carbohydrates. Performance Blend products are fortified with natural vitamin E, a source of omega 3 fatty acids and chelated minerals.

Additional Services

  • Trailer Parking: $15
  • Truck Parking: $5
  • Holding Horse for Farrier/Vet $10.00 per time
  • Daily Blanketing/Unblanketing: $100 per month (flat rate)
  • Daily Haltering/Removing Halter: $60 per month (flat rate)
  • Daily Blanketing & Haltering: $150 per month (flat rate)
  • Hand Walk $10.00
  • Grooming (Brushing & Hooves) $10.00
  • Western Banding $25.00
  • English Braiding $40.00
  • Bute (per dose) $2.00 owner’s/$4.00 WL’s
  • Banamine (1 dose of 10cc) $20.00
  • Sulfa (per dose) $3.00 owner’s/$5.00 WL’s
  • Haul to Stillwater Vet $75.00 no wait/$25.00 per hr
  • Hauling Horse ($75.00 flat-rate up to 50 miles) +$0.75 per mile over 50 miles

Want an easy way to pay your board every month?

Woodloch is now offering check drafts – it works just like a check you send, only you don’t have to send it! No processing fees… it’s a simple, hands-free way to make your monthly board payments. Invoices are still emailed to you every month so you know in advance what the amount will be.

Email for more information or to request a check draft authorization form.